A Flight of Tasters – Beer Tasting Tips

A Flight of Tasters – Beer Tasting Tips

Universally, beer is considered to be a celebratory drink. Accompanied by many of its more alcoholic cousins, vodka and wine, beer is widely loved. This drink is known to have low alcoholic content when compared with other beverages in the alcoholic drink’s spectrum. Beer is perfect for parties and other celebratory moments because of its quenching and low alcoholic characteristics. Accompanied by many types of other entertainment, beer is considered to be a man’s best friend. Many holidays and parties overseas almost always include alcoholic content in their menus. However, when it comes to picking the type you want, it may be a bit trickier than it sounds. Taste testing every kind and flavor of the beer is an excellent way to bring only the best to the party unless you have similar tastes to your friends.  However, one question that remains is, how do you taste test a beer.

Taste Testing

The entire procedure is quite intricate when taste testing beer. As it is with taste testing other foods, taste testing beer and other drinks is more than just sip and shallow. It is more precise and requires more patience. There are seven steps to taste test a beer thoroughly. They are pouring, look, swirl, smell, drink, taste and reflect. Each of these steps is key to warranting a perfect and accurate result.

The Steps to Tasting

  1. Even if you are drinking a cheap type of beer, it is essential that you first pour it in a glass. It does not matter what sort of container you use, you can use a pint, or an even a standard mixing glass, the results will mostly be the same.
  2. The second step is to look. Pay attention to the drink. Look at how it bubbles and the color that it exhibits after the foam forms.
  3. Swirl is the third and most aromatic process. It consists of gently swirling the glass and releasing all of the smells in the drink, allowing more senses to be used to capture the perfect scent.
  4. Right after swirling the glass, ensure to follow the following breathing and sniffing procedures. Two sharp and quick sniffs bouquet, regular sniff and a big sniff with your mouth open, this will ensure that you take in all the aromas of the drink. However, you must also make sure that the place where this
    process is occurring, didn’t have any strong smells, such as flowers as they interfere with the sense.
  5. Drink – Make sure that you don’t drink it all in one shot as sometimes multiple sips must be taken to ensure accuracy.
  6. Sip – taking small sips and allowing the beer to coat your tongue and maximize your taste sense.
  7. The last and final step is to reflect on the experience. Reflection can be done by merely talking to a friend about this or taking notes in a diary or notebook. Each taste is different, as is any beer. They are rarely the same.

Following these procedures may help you spot the difference in tastes, but that, however, comes with experience with taste testing.

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