Best Foods to Pair with Beer

Best Foods to Pair with Beer

Unlike before when only wines were considered a good pair of foods, it is now very common to people having meals with beer. Chefs, beverage directors and wine lovers have all come to learn that beer can pair well with all kinds of foods. Beer may actually be more food-friendly than wine as there is more room for flavor variety.

Simple Food and Beer Pairing Rules

You can pair food with beer of contrasting flavor. An ideal pairing-by-contrast would be a beer or dish with one strong, dominant flavor, either sweet, rich, or oily. Pairing oysters and stout is a good example of contrast; the strong, briny flavor of oysters can withstand the rich and chocolatey flavor of the stout. A simple and delicious way to pair food and beer is to complement their flavors. Match rich foods with beers that are heavily and richly flavored, like stouts or porters. Examples of complementing are having light beers with light-tasting salads and fish or fruity wheat beers with desserts like fruit tarts.

You can use beer to clean your palate. Strongly flavored foods like spicy Indian dishes or fatty fried food would pair nicely with a light beer. Fatty foods, like French fries or nuts, can cut through the bitter taste of an IPA. Avoid pairing dark beers (with rich and powerful flavors) with foods that they can overpower. For instance, pairing salmon with a pint of Guinness would be a bad idea as beer flavor will completely overshadow the taste of the fish.

The keyword here is experimentation. We have put together a list of best foods to pair with beer to help you begin experimenting. You may find that some combinations work better for you than others as it all depends on your personal taste and preferences. Here are some of the popular combinations to try.

Best Foods to Pair with ALE

There are many great dishes that pair well with a pale ale, a few of those are: pizza, Asian dishes, burgers, steaks, Mexican food. These are just a few, the light and crisp flavor of a pale ale is what makes it so easy to pair with many different styles of food.

Best Foods to Pair with Bock Beer or a Lager

A Brock beer goes best with a heartier dish, many people typically pair it with Cajun food, a rich sausage, beef, seared foods or a spicy jerk chicken. They do work well with spicy food and many enjoy them as a way to calm the heat. Even a good spicy curry can pair well with one of these beers.

Best Foods to Pair with Fruit Beer/Lambic

Here a few of the best beers that go with fruitier beers: Light white meat, meals made with duck and pork with sweet components (avoid very tart lambics). They also pair well with desserts as the sweetness of the dessert Paris well with the sweetness of the beer. You know doubt have your own favorite food and beer combinations, and the great thing about beer is that there are no rules. You can enjoy a nice cold brew with almost whatever food you want.

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