Coolest beer bottle design

Coolest beer bottle design

Most times, the best craft beer usually have beautiful designs and label artwork that is as wonderful and fascinating as the brews themselves. The recent trend of craft beers and home breweries has broken an inventive and creative cool beer bottle designs. Wine bottles get a lot of attention just like their label designs. Thanks to the increase in the number of microbreweries, the bottle packaging of beers have now become a canvas for illustrators and designers to display their flair for art. Here are some of the coolest beer bottle designs that are full of character with cool illustrations and lettering that you don’t see on the mainstream brands.

Innis and Gunn

Designed by Stranger and strangers, the Innis and Gunn’s bottle design is a stunning piece of work. The bottle features evocative design and great color palette. It always catches the eye when ones see a bottle, and for someone who has not heard about Stranger and Stranger, the design for Innis and Gunn is a perfect introduction. They are known to do some of the best package work in the industry and its reflected in the detail and effort they put-in on the Innis and Gunn design. They were able to put in both modern beauties with the use of gold, classic and red illustration elements.

Copper Kettle Brewing Co

The designers of this bottle focus on the intricate details and the illustration and typography are perfect shows the heritage of the beer with extra ingredients. The Emrich designers made printed copper color as a compliment to the brewery’s name which is an ideal way to approach color on a beer bottle. It is very well contrasted with strong primary colors which look very gorgeous.

Calypso Pale ale

The designers of the Calypso pale ale focused on a bold modern label and also interconnecting it with Greek mythology, and this makes the design a great success. The bottle label is bright and contemporary and careful thought. They combined thought with grid layout, negative space, and right color all working together to make an aesthetic bottle design. Also, the plan was part of the Design Crowd contest that was won by another model.

Ballistic Brewing

With the ballistic brewing colored bottle caps, a small detail like this made a significant impact on the overall bottle design. The final background details of different patterns that create a feel of actual weight give the beer an excellent sense of personality and make it appealing to most people. By using the monochrome palette, the intricate images shone making the design clean and precise.

Hilliard’s Brewery

Its very hard to talk about beer bottle design and beer label design without speaking about the beautiful beer can design of Hilliard brewery. Seattle’s latest craft beer from the company is a justification to classic Americana. The bottle design from mint explores a feeling of longing for the 70’s with the use of dominant blue and white color, font and earth tone plaid patterns.

Hilliard’s Brewery