Top 4 Small Breweries in America

Top 4 Small Breweries in America

Life can never be difficult with a cold beer in your hands, and with the right brand, life can’t be sweeter. There are plenty local beer makers in our beloved country today. If you are not in the habit of taking a good look at you can, you will not know the guys behind the magical liquid you love to drink. We have taken our time to collect a list of four of the best beer makers currently in the country, and if you are a fan of delicious beers, you might want to have a look at this list.

Midnight Sun

The Midnight sun is one brewery that has never failed to live to its high standards. The brewery is arguably one of the best local brewers in the country. Having been in business for over 22 years, The Midnight Sun is an established brewery with good experience in the beer business. Renowned for the likes of Berserker Imperial Stout and Pleasure Town IPA, the brewery has won so many medals and awards both at the state and national level even as a small brewery. Plus, the company has gained international recognition from beer-loving countries across the globe, unlike most other small crafts.

Four Peaks Brewing Company

The best beer makers in Arizona, this brewery stands out amongst all other competitors. If you have ever sipped the Smooth Kilt Lifter Scotch after a busy schedule on a hot day, you too will attest to their goodness. The brewery kicked off in 1996 and had grown to become one of the makers of the most sought-after beers in the country. Another great product from this brewery is the light, refreshing peach fruit ale; this beer is so popular in Arizona you can hardly find a bottle whenever you hit the bar late.

Arkansas Ozark Beer Company

The Ozark Beer Company opened their first keg in late 2013 and had since given most other local craft breweries a run for their money. The brewery has risen from just a local champion in Arkansas to one of the Best-kept beer secret in the country. The company gained higher national profile with the release of the fruity, Piney IPA beer. You are sure to take a good look at the bottle just after your first sip of the beer will kick your taste buds most thrillingly.

Russian River Brewing Co.

Another great local craft that makes great beer in California is the Russian River Brewing Co. the company stands firm amidst all other booze manufacturers and we can say is doing great despite the strong competition. The brewery has many products that can challenge any other brand anytime and anywhere. The company has mastered the Belgian styles, the quality of their products has no doubt. With just one sip from their masterclass Pliny, the Younger will erase any bad feeling you’ve had for the day.  There are plenty other local craft companies in the United States, but the four above were carefully selected from thousands of online reviews, and their brand can represent the country anywhere.