Top 6 Beer Tour Destinations in the US

Top 6 Beer Tour Destinations in the US

The best way to enjoy your beer is straight from its source. Nothing beats the feeling. The flavours in a bottle of beer canned few hours before consumption cannot compare to beers that have stayed over a long period. Another great experience you will never forget whenever you visit a brewery is the beer tours. Not every brewery offers beer tours. For some reasons, you might not get the chance to watch the process of brewing your favourite drink. But whenever you get the chance, the tour is always amazing. You will get to follow the production from step to step till the final product comes through and yes, the occasional free samples. Here are some of the breweries you can visit for an amazing beer tour.

Boulevard Brewing Co. in Kansas City, Missouri

This brewery offers three different levels of tours: free public tours, private tour and the smokestack and tasting tour. You will enjoy an hour-long free tour of a behind-the-scenes trip through one of the best breweries in Missouri. You will get to know more about the history and other information about the breweries. With some amount of money, you can get an upgraded two-hour guided tasting and food pairing tour (the smokestack) or even a private tour with two full pints of beer.

Maui Brewing Co. in Kihei, Hawaii

Maui Brewing Co

If you ever make it to the Hawaiian Islands, do not fail to visit the Maui Brewing Co. The brewery offers a daily 45-minute tour that will lead you through the brewery, their cellar, and the packaging line for just a little fee. You also will get to taste the Maui Brewing’s flagship beers at the end of the tour (a full beer of your choice) plus a free glass souvenir.

Tröegs in Hershey, Pennsylvania

This brewery offers a unique tour that is different from what you usually get in other brewery tours you visit. There is no guide in this brewery; you get the freedom to roam around the fermentation/filtration hall, the quality lab, packaging lines and the barrel-aging room all for free. You also have the choice of paying a little fee for a guided tour that includes few samples and a souvenir glass.

Sweetwater Atlanta, Georgia

You can upgrade your beer tour experience by visiting the Sweetwater Brewing and enjoy a whole new level of a tour through a brewery. Get into your partying mood and hit the brewery for 30 minutes of pure fun. For just a token, you will receive a souvenir pint glass and 6-ounce samples of beer.

Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, California

Out of all the tours offered by Stone in all their breweries (Virginia, Richmond, Escondido, and Berlin, Germany), a tour of the Stone’s home state of California is just the one you can’t afford to miss. For a little fee, you will enjoy four-ounce samples of beer (special release inclusive) plus a tasting glass.

Sierra Nevada in Chico, California

The Sierra Nevada breweries offer different varieties of beer tours you can’t possibly find somewhere else. There is a package for everyone. There is the self-guided tour if you are in the mood to explore, an engineering tour for those looking at a career in brewing, a standard brewhouse tour the educational tasting tour, a sustainability tour and the almighty three-hour beer geek tour. So, whenever you feel like taking the love of beer to the roots, you can hit the road and visit any of these breweries for a wonderful time.