Breweries around the world

Top Breweries around the world

There are a lot of boom in the number of craft breweries, and this has attracted a lot of attraction for tourist, and they have made it into the travel industry scene in what we can call beer tourism. Over 10 million people were recorded to tour both independent and small craft breweries in the year 2014 according to a report by the Brewers Association. There was a considerable increase in the number of wineries from 1609 in 2007 to 5096 US breweries last year. Wineries are growing up at a fast rate, and it is quite hard to choose the best breweries that make the best beer, food ambiance and entertainment. Here are some of the top breweries around the world.

Hill farmstead brewery Vermont

Often named as the best brewery in the world by RateBeer, Hill farmstead brewery is a world-class brewery that was built by Shaun Hill in rural Greensboro on his family’s Vermont farm. Having a taste of Shaun’s wares in a pleasing environment with natural beauty is one of the best pleasure one could have with a beer. The brewery is a revival and continuation of over 220 years of Hill heritage and crafted history in Vermont. The logo made from a sign that was once put in Aaron Hill’s tavern, that’s up to the hill in the early 1800s.

New Glarus brewing Wisconsin

Although, New Glarus is not easily located out of Wisconsin. The New Glarus brewery built on different lager brewing, and they skipped all the hype around extreme flavors, around hops and big beers. They made unique and impresses with a host of enjoyable beers that often specify quality grains that has a freshness that only comes with nuance and distribution that comes with a very tight balance. Deb Carey’s and Dan has produced a lot of reputable beers only brewed with harvested fruits. If you are the adventuresome type, you should look for their Inspired Belgian beers made with the wild fermentation process.

Treehouse brewing Massachusetts

Treehouse brewing company elevated the trendy New England IPA beer style to one of the highest heights with great beers like Haze, Eureka, Green, and Julius. The often fruity, cloud and more approachable alternative to the crystal bright, astringent, hop-driven beers developed in the west has been replicated by a lot of breweries all over the world. But only a few made it close to the quality that is consistently provided by the factory just about 80 minutes from the west of Boston.

Trillium brewing Massachusetts

In the year 2013, Trillium brewing company came up as a new brewery in Boston that could make a lot of beer styles properly. Trillium gained a lot of fame from the ability of the company. Craft beer fans started to increase the popularity due to their ability to produce a different beer like the IPA, Saison, IPA, American Sour, porter and the Belgian strong. Customer satisfaction is always their priority, and the founders have successfully expanded to three more locations on in Canton and two more in Boston.

Trillium brewing Massachusetts