Best Beer Tours in Europe

Best Beer Tours in Europe

When you think of Europe what comes to mind? Beautiful scenery, delicious food and of course beer! What better way to experience all three of these things than to go on a beer tour. There are many areas to choose from in Europe when considering a beer tour. If your looking for a romantic tour you might want to check out the area of Tuscany, in Italy. While this region is known for its grapes and wine, beer tours are also a large attraction. Villaggio della Birra is known for attracting tourist from far and wide. You can experience a plethora of other countries beers while in attendance. You of course can’t go wrong with a beer tour in Belgium or Germany.

The list of breweries and beer cafes would be too long to mention, but we will highlight where you should start. Beginning in Belgium you will want to go to the Delirium Cafe. As you turn the corner into the alleyway where the entrance is you begin to wonder if your heading in the right direction, then you see the beautiful pink elephant letting you know your in the right location. You walk in the doorway and then-down the stairs! A bar as well as large, round, high tables await your delicious beverage of choice. And choice you have, the Delirium bar offers 2,400 beers. The Duvel Moortgat Brewery, also in Brussels, is a perfect beer tour destination for all levels of beer interest. If you love beer then you should check out their Luxury Package Cheers.

You will get two and a half hours of food pairings, beer tastings and priceless insight from a Duvel Moortgat beer sommelier. A parting gift will help to ensure that your experience will not quickly be forgotten. There is also a mid level beer tour called simply Beer Tasting as well as a Standard Visit for those trying to fit in as many beer tours on a small budget as possible. While there are many more beer tours to discuss in Belgium let’s hop to Germany to cover a few as well. Normally when we speak of German beer tours we immediately think of Munich. With its Hofbrauhaus boasting large steins of beer, even larger family style tables and delicious pretzels to compliment the even more delicious beer.

This love of beer is born out of tradition and German hospitality. This hospitality is also displayed at the Hofbrauhaus brewery. You must make a reservation, but if no one else shows up they will still gladly give you a tour. Although this is unlikely, just think how amazing a one-on-one tour would be! You have the option to add-on snacks after your tour. This is recommended, as you will have the opportunity to taste quite a bit of beer on your tour. Now that you are thirsty, it’s time to plan your own personal European beer tour. Where will you start? Romantic Tuscany, beautiful Belgium or to the hospitality of Germany?

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