Best IPA Beers to Try

Best IPA Beers to Try

IPA (India Pale Ale) beers are becoming increasingly popular with several being brewed all around the world. The variety in forms and flavors is truly remarkable. One excellent IPA beer is the Brewski Barbarian IPA which is actually a brew from Sweden. It has what has been described as a very smooth taste as good as many Belgium beers. One really good IPA from Belgium is in fact Siphon Brewing Damme Nation. This beer is infused with tropical fruits and citrus like oranges along with pine. It is quite a bitter beer, more so than is found in most of the American IPAs. Trzech Kumpli Pan Ipani is brewed in Poland. It is a golden wheat IPA that is infused with mango. There is a crispness to the beer which tends to be bitter and fizzy.

From Kew Brewery in the UK comes, Join the Kew. This is a recent IPA, first brewed in 2016; it has five hops varieties. Some of the varieties also have a citrus infusion akin to IPAs found elsewhere in the world. From Garage Beer Co. comes Soup IPA. Appearing very simplistic in name and can design, this IPA is anything but. Brewed in Barcelona, Soup IPA is known for its fruity aromas produced by the infusion of a combination of orange, mango and peach.

The Kona Brewing Company Hanalei Island IPA, made from Hawaiian hops and several fruits like guava, orange and passion fruit has a nice tropical flavor that many find appealing. The continental United States has several excellent IPAs. Lagunitas IPA is one of the largest breweries in the United States. The malt flavor has a very nutty taste that is quite different from some of the other IPAs on the market.

Another top IPA found and made in the United States is the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA, which has a unique flavor and uses a special filter when brewing. They have added flavors from pine cones, citrus and cedar to create a very unique yet appealing taste.

Alpine Beer Company Duet is an IPA which has received rave reviews. It is mainly found in Southern California in the US. They use two hop varieties infused with a blend of orange, mango, grapefruit, melon, grass and pine.  Another west-coast IPA of note is Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA, which has more hops and less malt in the mix. This brew is so well balanced that it has won awards at the Great American Beer Fest.

Another award winning IPA is Ballast Point Sculpin which was originally brewed in San Diego, California. This IPA is renowned for its deliciously fruity flavor of stone fruit, mango and citrus. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale brewed originally in Kalamazoo, Michigan uses hops from the Pacific Northwest. The brew is also infused with orange, chamomile, grapefruit and pine. Another one of the twin cities, Minnesota, is known for an IPA named Surly Furious. They use pineapple and citrus hops in the brewing of this beer.

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