, Berries and Vegetables in Beer Production

Fruits, Berries and Vegetables in Beer Production

We all know about traditional beer kinds of light and dark. However, thousands of experimental beers with the strangest flavors have already been created around the world. There is probably no more fruit, berries, or vegetables that have not yet been used in beer production. Although the production of flavored beer is dominated by cherries and raspberries now, which have already become classics, new exotic flavors are appearing in stores.

The Matter of Fantasy

Once upon a time, brewers came up with the idea of ​​adding cherry syrup to a failed batch of beer. The crazy idea was tried because the beer was already tasteless one way or another, so nothing worse could happen. However, the result surprised everyone! At first glance, two products that had nothing in common with each other, such as beer and cherries, created a duo of great taste. Such a beer was called Kriek lambic.

Until then, there were very few alternatives to traditional light and dark beers. However, the case of cherries provided an incentive for brewers to further experiment. The brewers did not stop with this sweet and sour berry, other brewer experiments became the flavors of black currants, pumpkins, mandarins, raspberries, and mangoes. Once the masters enriched their greyhound beer with chamomile. Today, beer with fruits, vegetables, herbs is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Cherries, raspberries, peaches, black currants, and many other options than you can try. For beer with fruit or berries, even individual styles have been created – note the information on the labels – the words Kriek, Framboise, Peche, Cassis that indicate fruits or berries in the beer.

Flavored Beer Is Not for Everyone

The taste of beer with fruit and berry additives is quite specific, so not everyone likes it. Such beer needs to be discovered step by step. The production process is also different from classic beer, so often the first results are not as expected. For example, even if tomatoes are used in beer production, the beer does not acquire the red color typical of vegetables, while beets or black currants can give the beer a red color. Fruit and vegetable puree or juice is commonly used in beer production. In addition, milkshake beer, which requires not only fruit or berry juice but also milk sugar, is becoming more and more popular. The latter give the beer a gentle texture, but the beer has impurities that make the texture not transparent.

Unusual Ingredients and Dark Beer

Beer styles such as porter can also be combined with a variety of additional flavors. Dark beers have an intense taste, so both berries and fruits should be very expressive. These berries give dark beer a deep and expressive aroma and an unusual aftertaste. One way to find the right ingredient to enrich a dark beer is to find the beer that goes best with coffee. Dark malt often gives beer a mild coffee aroma and aftertaste. There are no strict rules for the use of berries and fruits in beer production because it all depends on imagination and idea.

Unusual Ingredients and Dark Beer
Unusual Ingredients and Dark Beer
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