Greatest Breweries of All Time

Greatest Breweries of All Time

Beer is more than just a past time.  It is a connection, a community and often a brotherhood.  Throughout time beer has been an identifying mark of a region, a people as well as a livelihood.  With all of this in mind, let’s take a tour of some of the greatest breweries of all time.  Starting in the United States of America let’s explore two top breweries coming out of Florida. Cigar City Brewing is located in Tampa, Florida and offers beer tours Wednesday thru Sunday and reservations are required.  Beginning in 1885 Tampa Bay became a hub for cigar manufacturing.

Cigar City Brewing honors that tradition, not only with its label but also, its unique beer flavors.  Moving to St. Petersburg, Florida is Cycle Brewing.  This brewery is relatively new on the scene and located in the downtown hub of Saint Petersburg.  They offer unique, delicious flavors like Hazelnut Cream & Sugar, Please! The Spins as well as “&+”.  While your there don’t forget to check out their apparel and Growlers and Crowlers (canned growlers) for purchase. Moving up to New York is the Brooklyn based Other Half Brewery.

Looking to enjoy their work as well as their beer, three friends opened Other Half Brewery in January of 2014.  Each can and bottle is like a piece of art with its unique label.  Many beers are available at bars and restaurants around New York as well, but you will want to experience the Other Half Brewery itself to really savor the flavors, art and honesty behind each beer produced.  Now let’s take a flight from New York over to Denmark to explore the Evil Twin Brewing company.  Bold labels invite you to try flavors that sound so exciting, yet so comforting, as only true Danish beer could.  Liquid Double Fudge, Retro IPA, and Pappy’s Imperial Biscotti Break are just a few of the tantalizing flavors you can try.

The Mikkeller Brewery is truly something to be acknowledged and appreciated, just like its beers!

Racing Beer

This brewery specializes in passion and in trying something new. Whether its beer, food, spirits or its employees. Allow yourself to imaging their beer flavors of Tropical Rumble, Cloudy 9 and Racing Beer. The last one is as simple and complex as it sounds. Whether you’re attending an automobile race or watching one on television you will want to have this beer by your side. Omnipollo is a brewery based in Sweden but at the same time is global.  It has two owners who want to spread beer, good beer, to all who want it.  They work with other breweries to come up with unique concoctions that are sure to tempt your tastebuds.

Along with their beers they have two restaurants where you can truly get a customized experience with food, beer and good company.  We now will return to the US and leave you with one last beer experience.  Vermont is the home of Hill Farmstead Brewery, which can trace its roots back to the early 1800’s.

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