Hangover-free Beer is All The Buzz in America

Hangover-free Beer is All The Buzz in America

Drinking is a part of all cultures around the world. In
celebrating holidays like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, alcohol
is of absolute necessity. It is also present when celebrating the big
achievements in a person’s life, such as reaching the legal age, graduating
from college, and reaching new heights in one’s career. Although everyone loves
drinking their fill, nobody is a fan of the hangover that comes after a night
of partying and drinking. However, America is all a buzz about a miracle
hangover-free beer that actually works. It goes by the name of Amsterdam
Helder, a creation of the De
Prael brewery
in Amsterdam.

The Creation of the Amsterdam Helder

Many beer lovers and drinkers state tomorrow’s hangover as
an enemy when enjoying beer. That is why the idea of a hangover-free beer is
very appealing to the masses. The creation of the Amsterdam Helder started
after the brewers of De Prael witnessed a commercial of a Spanish beer called Er
Broqueron. The ad boasted how the beer produces no hangovers for
drinkers the next day. However, the beer was proven to be ineffective since the
producers only added seawater to their brew. The De Prael brewers aimed to be
more creative and effective in their efforts.

According to Pepjin Calis, one of the leading brewers of De
Prael Brewery, there is no scientific research yet that could back up the
fantastic results of the Amsterdam Helder. However, when they made the recipe
for it, they consulted a brewer who was a pharmacist in order to understand the
effects of the hangover that the beer has to combat. In the end, they added
vital ingredients in the creation of the Amsterdam Helder: willow bark for its
anti-inflammatory characteristics similar to aspirin, salt to prevent
dehydration and headaches, ginger to combat nausea, and vitamin B12.

A taster and tester of the Amsterdam Helder drank eight
bottles of the beer. He woke up the following day with no hangovers and very
clear-headed. Other writers and reviewers also tried the Amsterdam Helder,
drinking several rounds the previous night, and waking up the next day with no
headaches or dizziness. The unique ingredients
like the salt and the ginger did not hinder the flavor of the beer.

The Amsterdam Helder and De Prael

Breweries in other countries tried beforehand to create the
perfect anti-hangover beer. One of these is an Australian brewery in 2013 that
added electrolytes to their beer recipe. However, they did not harbor as much
attention, excitement, and praise as the Amsterdam Helder. The intended name of
the beer means “Amsterdam Bright/Clear” however, it is presented in
the brewery’s menu as the more popular “Anti-Hangover Beer.” The
Anti-Hangover Beer is 4.5% alcohol, quite close to Holland’s iconic Heineken,
which has 5% alcohol.

The De Prael brewery, although already making incredible
strides in the field of beer-making, has only been existent for 15 years. The
brewery was founded by two nurses who previously served in mental health
institutions. The first employees were volunteers who had problems securing
permanent jobs because of their individual needs. Other than the brewery, they
also have a brewpub and a shop.  

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