How to Survive GAB in America

How to Survive GAB in America

Beer festivals are like a dream for beer lovers if they can
survive them without going down, till the end. The best thing about these festivals
is, of course, the beer. You can try out dozens of beers out of the hundreds
available if you know the tricks of beer tasting. Other than tasting beers,
these festivals also provide you the chance to meet and talk about beers with
other beer geeks out there. Also, you get the opportunity to get in contact
with the best brewers for any time you need beer next time.

GAB Festival

GAB, The Great American Beer Festival is the ultimate
showdown for the beer lovers. Beer festivals can’t get better than this, at
least in the US. The festival takes place in Denver every year. The size of the
festival is enormous in every way possible, over 700 breweries
are present at the festival every year, which showcase their new and best beers
for the attendees. Anyone who considers himself a big beer lover should visit
this festival at least one time in their lifetime. However, it’s not as simple
as it may seem to experience the GAB successfully; it takes a lot of planning. The
most important part of the planning for a successful GAB experience is to book
the tickets, which is also one of the toughest parts. The sale of tickets opens
in July, just for a couple of days. The first day is reserved for the AHA
only. The other day of tickets sale is purely on the luck and your
internet connection speed as there are thousands of people looking to get the
tickets on that day.

Preparing for The Big Day

AHA is a group with special privileges like low tickets
rate, discounts at many breweries all across the country, and many other
advantages at the festival. The membership of AHA is available at around 40
dollars, which isn’t bad at all looking at the privileges it offers. It is
crucial to get the membership at least a week before the tickets sale to be on
the safe side.

The crowds start coming in for the festival days before the
start of the festival. Several beer events take place in the week before the
festival. It feels like a fantasy world to any beer lovers. You should plan
before on the number of days you’re going to stay in the town to manage your
trip budget. Also, as the hotels
and lodges are jam-packed during the GAB fever, you should book a hotel your as
soon as you book the tickets.

Start researching about the new beers that’ll be there at
the festival. You can’t try all the beers at the festival, so make a list of
the beers you want to taste during the festival. It can be a real struggle at
the festival to avoid the beers you’ve tried before. Go to the festival’s
website for information about the exclusive beers. Either you should arrive two
hours in advance to the festival or arrive at the end, around 5 minutes before
the time, if you want to avoid standing in the line for a long time. Once you
come inside, relax and observe the magnitude of the festival, and the most
important thing is to follow your beer priority list to get the best

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