Low Carb Beer Will Keep the Pounds Off – Myth or Fact

Low Carb Beer Will Keep the Pounds Off – Myth or Fact

Low carb diets are the recent talk of the town. Come Friday night and everyone following the “low carb diet” are trying to reach for their so-called “low carb beer” which is just a marketing gimmick designed to make the dieter drink more. Don’t believe it? Read on to find out.

Most beer brands that have come up with a low carb version have managed to pick up sales over the last couple of years. Well now, how is that possible? The answer lies in the hands of the able marketing department and business strategy of the companies. Calling it low carb makes a low carb dieter fall prey and thereby indulge with zero regrets.

Sounds familiar?

The truth is that there is a minor difference in the carbohydrate content between the regular and low carb version. The amount of carbohydrates in regular beer is quite high, and the low carb version contains a quarter of that which is equivalent to half a slice of bread. That’s high by regular low carb

Now that we know that low carb beer doesn’t really have low carbohydrate content, we hope that it would be low in calories. You will be devastated to hear that there is no scope in that area
too. The alcohol content in low carb versions may be a bit lower in comparison. However, there is a sliver of difference when it comes to the calories. Regardless of if it is low carb or regular, you will be consuming and contributing to your daily calorie requirement.

In a nutshell, low carb beers don’t actually help with the increasing waistline. There is a sliver of difference in the alcohol content. Finally, yes, it is true that they are lower in calories,
but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any. The perfect way to trim your waistline is to stop believing in products and concentrate on eating right, exercising and reducing alcohol consumption. Regardless of the alcohol being low carb or not, consuming excessive amounts will ensure your waistline keeps growing.

Talking about a waistline, it’s not only beer that does the damage. The fact that one abuses their body with food is a significant cause of concern. Eating a diet rich in sugar, fat and salt will most definitely cause havoc. Every beer is not always consumed alone; think
about all the junk that goes in along with the beer as an accompaniment. Chips, burgers and fries are the regulars. What more could an expanding waistline ask for? All this extra food will be stored in the body as fat because alcohol will first be used for energy. 

Lastly, it is essential to exercise to get fit and stay healthy. There is no easy way out. Burn the calories and keep yourself active. Take up some form of exercise that will be sustainable, and one that you will most likely stick to. Enrol at a local gym or follow YouTube fitness channels to get your daily dose. Relying on fad products is not the way out. Be strict and follow the rules to reap the benefits.

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