Mulled Beer – A Twist on The Christmas Tradition

Mulled Beer – A Twist on The Christmas Tradition

Christmas is a holiday that is loved by many. There is
something about the childish way that everyone revels in the heat by the
fireplace and eats cookies while listening to Christmas stories that draw
people in. Cookies and warm milk are the perfect combinations during Christmas
time. However, too many people, this assortment of snacks and warm milk is
something that a child would ask for. For older and more outgoing individuals, other
drinks can effectively and adequately spread the Christmas cheer. Mulled wine
is an excellent drink for adults looking for a warm relief from the bitter
coldness of northern winters. To those who are unfamiliar with this legendary
drink, mulled wine is a drink enjoyed by many due to the boundless amounts of
spices and sweet condiments that gives you a warm and subtle punch. Though it
is immensely popular in Europe, mulled wine can become old, and people can get tired
of the same old tastes. However, when that happens, another drink can rejuvenate
your love for mulled drinks. Mulled beer is in many ways similar to its cousin,
mulled wine, however the taste of the mulled beer is known to vary drastically.
Depending on the type of spices you use and how well they are made.

Malts And Spice Types

The key to making the perfect mulled beer recipe is the type
of base flavor. The base flavor is one of the essential parts of mulled beer,
unlike mulled wine, where the spice that layers over the base is the crucial
element. Though the spices also play an indispensable role in mulled beer. The
base flavor of your mulled beer can also show your boldness, and can also
increase the enthusiasm of a Christmas party and get together. Malts in mulled beers
are also vital as it provides a counter-balance to any of the spices in the
drink itself. For example, for strong spices such as cinnamon, ginger, clove,
or nutmeg, the chef in charge of the drink must ensure that the malt used is a
dark and roasted flavor. The same can be used for more subtler spices. If you
are determined and skilled enough, you may be able to add in some hops as well.
However, you have to make sure that it isn’t too bitter to consume because no
one is going to want to drink something that is more bitter than exotic.

Cinnamon, Ginger And Other Spices

The first step to creating the spice combination of your
mulled beer is to decide on the strength and target audience of your homemade
drink. Decide on whether your targets like bitterness or if they prefer the
candied sweetness of honey and cinnamon. There are many spices that one can
choose from, almost everything already available in your kitchen’s pantry can
be used to effectively create a combination of spice. Ranging from vanilla
essence to honey and orange zest, each spice has different results and tastes
when added to your mulled beer recipes. Just make sure to try out different
recipes and combinations to reach a more experienced perspective in the taste
that you wish to acquire.

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