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There is no doubt that Spain is a country of wine. But do not be a silly tourist and dive a little deeper into the Spanish traditions. Here you can get amazing vermouth, try different kinds of brandy that represents the outstanding quality, and sip the most delicious cider. However, beer is also an inseparable part of Spanish culture and locals like to order a cold and refreshing glass of beer while having lunch or long dinners with friends and families. Spain is one of the biggest beer producers in Europe, as a result, you can be easily lost among millions of beer kinds. The advice is to try the local beer according to the region that you are visiting at the moments, so here are a few of the top Spanish beer kinds that are worth trying.


While exploring or visiting the regions of Catalunya, do not miss a chance to try the beer of the Damm brewery. One of the most famous beers of this brewery is “Estrella Damm” and you can find this brand all over the region and city of Barcelona. It is so popular here that if you just ask for a glass of beer in most of the bars and do not specify what beer you want, you are going to get this one for sure. “Estrella” has a dark yellow color and rich, malty taste. Another great option of this brewery is “Inedit” beer.  This beer is made of barley and wheat, flavored with coriander, orange skin, and licorice. As a result, “Inedit” has an intense flavor with hints of sweet, fruity herbs, and a creamy texture, so it is more suitable for dinner. If you want something more traditional and truly local, then order a glass of “Moritz Epidor” because it is provided by the local brewery and the title is written in the Catalan language only. This beer is the typical Pilsner and the taste is very ordinary and traditionally, so it might be the best option for those who do not like beer innovations.

La Coruña

The north of Spain is the best place to try the Spanish cider, but the region of Galicia has its famous brewery “Hijos de Rivera” and this company is producing an excellent beer called “Estrella Galicia 1906”. This beer is a Larger Extra type, made of barley and maize, and Perle hops and has 6.5% alcohol, so it is strong and rich in taste. “Estrella Galicia 1906” was released to celebrate the anniversary of the brewery, so the flavor was made differently, and you can feel bitter hints and undertones of toffee, flowers, and herbs.


The center part of Spain has many different breweries but the most famous one is “Mahou-San Miguel”. The most favorite beer of this brewery is Premium Lager “San Miguel 1516” made of barley and a combination of hops. This is a classical beer that tastes like cereals, fruits, and wilting flowers. Its flavor is intense and creamy but also refreshing with a bitter finish, so a glass of this beer might be perfect for lunch during any hot afternoon.

Madrid beer
Madrid beer

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