Straight from the Tap or Bottle – Pouring Your Beer the Right Way

Straight from the Tap or Bottle – Pouring Your Beer the Right Way

There’s A Right Way?

Pouring beer can be considered both
a science and an art. Many consider it science because it shows off the beer’s
incredible attributes. On the other hand, it is regarded as an art because
every single person likes doing it in their style and way. You can pour the beer
however you want to since it’s your beer and your decision. However, if you
want to know the best way to pour your beer to make its best attributes shine,
you should consider this way of pouring beer.

Before the Pour

So first off, you should find a clean glass for your beer.
Any regular pint glass is good
enough, but if you want to be fancy, you can go and find yourself some odd
glasses, tulip & thistle glasses, pilsner glasses, or maybe even weizen
glasses. Rinse the glass quickly with cold water once you decide which glass
you want to use. You are doing what all the skilled bartenders do and making the
glass wet, thus making it slippery, which makes it so that there is less
friction when you pour the beer. Having less friction makes perfect so that you
get a smoother pour which will give you a head that is more fragrant than if
you didn’t rinse it first, and what you want from your beer is a very fragrant

How the Perfect Pour is Done

When you have prepared the glass by rinsing it first, you
are ready for the pour. First off, you must tilt your glass at roughly a
45-degree angle. Then, you pour the beer into your glass slowly so that the
beer lands right in the center of the side of the glass. Once the glass is
filled half of the way with the beer, hold the glass upright and pour the
remaining beer right into the center of the beer already inside. Using this way
when you pour the second half of the beer, you’ll get about half-way of an inch
to an inch of a head of foam depending on the way you want
it. If you straighten the glass earlier than when you reach the halfway point,
you’ll have way too much foam.

What to Do If Your Beer Foams A Lot

If you’re wondering what if you have a type of beer that is
susceptible to having foam that spills
out the glass when you straighten your glass out early, you should keep your
glass tilted for most of the pour and then getting your glass upright just at
the end so you can make the head.

The Perfect Pour is Complete

It is highly recommended not to be aggressive when you pour your beer. When you pour a beer right in the middle of the bottom of the glass, directly from the start of your pour, you will have a massive amount of head in your glass. Having too much head is a result of depleting the beer of most of the beer’s carbonation. Although if you want to reduce the bitterness and acidity of the beer, being aggressive when you pour might be what you want. The beer leaves your tastebuds with a yeasty, but sweet, and creamy tastes which aren’t part of the intended experience the brewers want you to have.

The Perfect Pour is Complete
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