Tips to Make Your Own Beer

Tips to Make Your Own Beer

Brewing your beer at home is a fun and unique experience which you should try. You can try it out one day at home since most of the ingredients can be easily obtained from any grocery store around you. This Do It Yourself tutorial will take you through the process involved in brewing your beer.

The Main Ingredients Needed To Brew A Beer At Home:

The main ingredients in beer are: grains, malt extracts, water, hops, and yeast.

The Process

Now that we have listed the ingredients needed to brew a beer before you commence the actual brewing process, you need to ask yourself if the beer is a bock beer or an amber beer or both which is known as the hybrid style. You need to bear the following details at the back of your mind notwithstanding the type of beer you want to brew;

Step 1

Do a thorough cleanup and sanitize all the equipment you will use during your brewing process.

Step 2

Steep youre Grains. You can commence by placing 2.5 gallons of water into your brewing pot and heat up. Pack all your grains; 0.5 lbs Crystals 120L, 0.25 lbs Victors, 0.5 lbs Dark Munich inside a grain bag. Tie the top to avoid leaking into the water. Deep the grain bag into the brewing pot. Increase the heating temperature slowly from 150F to 160F. Allow the bag to stay inside the water for about 20 minutes before you remove. Do not squeeze the grain bag. Allow the liquid to drain from the bad into the pot. You now have a wort which is an unfermented beer. There are other ways to ferment your beer, but this is the fastest method.


Step 3

Allow the wort to boil but dont allow it to boil over. Once youve done that, remove your brewing pot from the heat. Then add the following into the hot mix; 7lbs Pale LME and 1oz of Saaz hops. Stir the mixture until the malt extract is totally dissolved. Do not allow undissolved extract to settle on the bottom of the pot because it will burn.

Step 4

Allow your wort to boil for about 55 minutes then add 1 oz of Saaz hops. These are the finishing or aromatic hops. Since you are boiling for five more minutes, the hops will only add aroma and fragrance to the finished beer and not bitterness.

Step 5

Allow the wort to cool for about 60 minutes. You need to bring the boiling wort to below 100F at the soonest possible time. You can use a wort chiller to achieve this. After that, you need to transfer the wort to the Fermenter vessel.

Step 6

The next step is to use your hydrometer to measure the wort’s original gravity. Record the number you got. Then add or pitch your yeast into the wort. Allow the wort to ferment. It takes one to two weeks for the fermentation process to complete.  Determine your final gravity and Voila; you got your beer ready.

Beer gravity

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